School Information:

High School Principal: Joe Welch

Elementary Principal:  Rena Hilton

Mount Olive Attendance Center
PO Box 309
301 South 4th Street
Mount Olive, MS 39119

High School:

Phone:  (601) 797-3939
Fax:  (601) 797-3980

Elementary School:

Phone:  (601) 797-3159
Fax:  (601) 797-9746

Education News

Covington County Schools News

Yard Sale:We are currently taking donations for our participation in the town of Mount Olive’s Yard Sale. Items can be dropped off at the Elementary office between the hours of 8:00 am & 3:00 pm.

The elementary department at Mount Olive Attendance Center kicks off a new year with a new look. Colorful murals of pirate ships, football players,cheerleaders, superheros, and cartoon characters adourn the kindergarten through sixth grade hallways.

Student Book: Elementary students are working hard in compiling a sixteen-page book complete with illustrations. The finished product will be published in full color, hard back form by Student Treasures Publishing. For more information on this project please contact Joan Easterling at (601) 797-3159,

Want to do something to help your school?

Collect box tops, receipts from Greer’s, and package inserts/tops from all 13 coke products. These items can be redeemed for well needed supplies and materials that will benefit the students at MOAC.

All of the above listed items can be dropped off at either the elementary or high school office.

For more information on these fundraisers visit the following web sites:

Box Tops for Education
Coke Rewards Program
Greer’s Apples for Students

Support MOAC Cheerleadersby purchasing a spirit t-shirt. Shirts for the upcoming ballgame against Mize are currently on sale for $10.00. To order contact Cynthia Alsworth at (601) 797-3939 or by e-mail at

You can also show your school spirit by purchasing a “painting your pride” cinder block. In exchange for $25.00 you will receive a painted brick on the MOAC ticket house in your honor. All proceeds go to MOAC cheerleaders. To order contact Cynthia Alsworth at (601) 797-3939 or by e-mail at

Yearbook ads:School days are definite memory makers so preserve those memories by reserving your copy of the 2010-2011 yearbook today. 2009-2010 (Championship) yearbooks are also still available.

Whole Page-$130.00
Half Page-$75.00
Quarter Page-$60.00
Eighth Page-$40.00

To order contact Joan Easterling at (601) 797-3159, or Cynthia Alsworth at (601) 797-3939,

Academic Calendar

August 2, 3, & 4 Professional Development
August-5 Students Begin
September-6 Labor Day
October 7-8 1st Term Exams
October 11-12 Fall Break
October-13 Professional Development
October-14 2nd Term Begins
November 22-26 Thanksgiving Holidays
December 16-17 2nd Term Exams
December-17 (60% day)
December 20-January 2 Christmas Holidays
January 3-4 Professional Development
January-5 3rd Term Begins
January-17 Dr. King’s Holiday
February-21 President’s Day
March 10-11 3rd Term Exams
March 14-18 Spring Break
March-21 Professional Development
March-22 4th Term Begins
April 22-25 Easter Holidays
May-26 Students Last Day (60% Day)